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NetMarble’s upcoming game ChronoBlade now has its pre-registration live

NetMarble’s upcoming ChronoBlade game has launched a pre-registration that interested folks can sign up for ahead of the game’s launch for extra rewards. If this game sounds somewhat familiar, that’s probably due to the fact that ChronoBlade was initially released as an exclusive Ouya title a little while ago, and now it’s been ported over to actual Android devices.

For those of you not familiar with this game, ChronoBlade is a side-scrolling Action-RPG title initially released back in 2013 for the Ouya console. The game comes with a mix of sci-fi and fantasy themes and you’ll be able to pick your character at the start, before jumping into the game world to take down all the enemies that come at you. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to customize your character a lot as they level up. This includes upgrading and/or unlocking new skills, adding runes, and character costumes.

ChronoBlade Features:

– Hybrid Gameplay Style: Players will enjoy the side-scrolling action RPG that is multi-player focused, offering PvP and Co-op play options.
– Skill-based, PvP Combat: Players will be armed with tons of awesome combos to win in a wide variety of challenges against enemies and bosses.
– Unique Storyline and Visuals: ChronoBlade players will enjoy a mix of both fantasy and sci-fi themes offering detailed visuals in a highly expandable gameworld.
– Five Worlds Worth of Battles: Fans are challenged to beat the Chronarchs in five unique worlds: Empyra, a steampunk word, ChronoPrime, homeland of the Chronarchs, Ragnarok, a special world based on Viking mythology, The Crossroads, a post-Apocalyptic desert wasteland, and R’Abbalak, a terrifying world filled with mythos-inspired monsters.

Runes add strength to the defense power, skill damage, and other special abilities. Costumes give characters a unique look through the various headgear, weapons and armor, and also adds statistical increase, so they are not completely just a cosmetic change. Outside of the actual storyline and gameplay, ChronoBlade also has 3 different PvP modes for players to partake in should they choose to go that route. There’s a Real-Time Arena, as well as an Invitational Arena for specific player versus player challenges you may want to make.

Right now folks in Canada and Singapore can download the game in a limited beta testing phase that is currently taking place as of today. Everyone else will get the game shortly once that beta phase is done. In the meantime, while waiting for the global launch to happen after this limited beta, you can pre-register for ChronoBlade over on the game’s official website. You can also check out a look at the PvP gameplay with the video below.

Official Website: ChronoBlade (Pre-registration)

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