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The Humble Mobile Bundle 21 is now available and comes with 7 games to start

Humble Bundle has decided to push out their newest mobile focused bundle this morning, officially tagged as Humble Mobile Bundle 21. This particular bundle comes with 7 games to start, all of which are pretty good titles that, if you don’t have them already, would probably make for some good additions to your game collection.

This bundle happens to be a three tier one, which means you have a third tier of available games that you’ll get access to if you pay over a certain price, regardless of what that amount is. So without further delay, here’s what you can find in this bundle.

Pay anything over $1 and get:

– Westport Independent
– _Prism
– Sage Solitaire

Pay above the average amount and also get:

– Ghost of Memories
– Door Kickers

Pay above $6 and also get:

– Twofold Inc
– Goat Simulator

Of course there will be more games added to the second tier when next Monday arrives. However, in the meantime, this is what you will get depending on what you decide to spend. Like always, you can divide up how your money goes, whether it is all to charity, or split up between charity, Humble Bundle, and the developers.

Official Website: Humble Mobile Bundle 21

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