Day: 11 October 2016


Bitcoin Billionaire will be getting a pretty big content update tomorrow

Noodlecake Studios will be pushing out an update tomorrow for their popular clicker style game called Bitcoin Billionaire. This will actually be quite the big content update, bringing what is being called ‘Dungeons & Bitcons’ to the game. What is it? Well it’s a whole new era to tap your way through, which means that there will be everything added to the game that comes with a whole new era.


The AirJamz Music App has made it’s way onto Android this morning

AirJamz Music by Zivix LLC isn’t necessarily a game, but it isn’t just an application either, but a bit of both depending on how you look at it. What this neat little application does is allow for users to make music using the app and any physical movements you happen to do while it is running. This is, of course, assuming you have the official AirJamz toy that goes along with this application.