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Arctic Truck Simulator lets you drive on the world’s most dangerous roads

For those of you who enjoy truck simulator style of games, there is a new one today called Arctic Truck Simulator that has just been released onto mobile as well as Steam. This game puts you in control of various types of big rigs and having you drive them on some of the most dangerous roads in the world.

In Arctic Truck Simulator, players will get to choose one of the five available trucks to drive, each with their own power, handling, and other stats. Once you’ve decided on the truck you want to drive, you’ll head out to test your driving skill on some very dangerous and slippery roads. Not only will you be driving these trucks, you’ll need to transport a variety of products to their destination such as transport machines, wood and bulk solids.

Arctic Truck Simulator Features:

– Five trucks with varying power and traction
– Career mode with a points multiplier
– Improve, service and change the look of your truck
– Dynamic weather system and numerous settings

Along the way you will be able to earn money from deliveries you’ve made and put that towards improving your current truck with various upgrades to help you stay on the road. You will also have to deal with ever changing weather condition with each delivery, and this includes different road conditions as well.

Arctic Truck Simulator is available for download off of Google Play for free and comes with optional IAPs. If you want to snap up a copy off of Steam, it’ll run you around $8 right now. This game does support gamepads as well. You can check out more screenshots and the trailer below.

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