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Stylized art, music and gameplay come together in the award winning MASKY now on Android

Digital Melody is an indie game developer based in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Polka. The Polish game company has developed some fun arcade games like Timberman, Surfingers and Risky Rescue. Their latest game Masky, is strikingly bold in colors, simple in gameplay and thoroughly well-produced. In short, don’t miss playing this game.

Masky is one of those games that you have on your devices that you want your friends to check out. I am sure you have heard yourself saying to your friends before, “You have got to check this game out!” Masky easily falls into that category because the stylized art is beautiful, the gameplay is easy to learn and there is enough of a challenge there to keep you playing the game over and over again.

Masky has already won IGJAM 2016 award in the mobile game category. The game was created within 48 hours, which is simply amazing to think about. After they won that award they were able to build upon the premise and add additional content to make the game complete and ready to be released for the masses. Playing the final product should impress most people, especially knowing that the game had its genesis in 48 hours. Obviously Digital Melody understands the concept of teamwork. Since this is a music game of sorts, the namer of their studio fits perfectly… Digital Melody.

“Take part in an annual grand costume ball. Dance to the mystic sounds and invite as many dancers as you can. Watch out for special skills of other dancers’ masks. Explore different worlds through the magic doors. Unlock and upgrade unique masks to dance longer and longer.”Digital Melody

Primarily the goal in the game is to get as many dancers as possible to dance in a row together. There is a balancing meter that is at the top of your screen. You move left and right to pick up other dancers, linking them together arm in arm. That would seem to be simple enough right? It becomes more challenging because the weight of the dancing line, the tilting of the world and speeding up and slowing down. All of these elements combined together, make it much more difficult to continue to gain dancers. Another challenge with the game is not getting distracted by the mesmerizing beauty of the art. It looks great folks. When you catch a glimpse of a strange looking bear rug on the floor, rockets flying by or a C3PO replica off to the side, you have to look at it right?

Masky Gameplay Features:

  • Ultimate mystic dancing experience
  • 10+ worlds to visit
  • 10+ mystic soundtracks to enjoy
  • Many masks to unlock and upgrade
  • Stickers and other fireworks included

As you are growing your line of fantastical dancers with masks, you notice that the masks are the most colorful elements. The environment for the most part will be black, and white, or some other contrasting colors. The single line drawings have just enough detail to create a rich visual fabric. Digital Melody knows how to create more with doing less. Their design choices are complete winners in that everything works well. The art compliments the music and the music compliments the gameplay and the controls. The game is simple enough for anyone to pick up, but challenging enough to keep enthusiasts and hardcore gamers interested in what is taking place.

Once you get ten people lined up and dancing to the music, a door appears to take you to another world. Depending upon the different masks that are picked up, the world could flip upside down, twist at a weird angle or allow you to remove a dancer. Paying attention to the brief description of what the masks capabilities are, will allow you to understand what may happen next in the environment, after you pick up the next mask.

If you can’t tell already, I am impressed with what Digital Melody has created in Masky. The game is unique, colorful and fun to play. Believe it or not, you can download this game for free. If you are worried about the free to play structure… don’t. You can unlock the game and remove ads for $.99 It really doesn’t get any better than that. If you don’t mind playing with the ads, you can watch an ad to extend your gameplay. Unlocking other worlds takes place with coins. The more people you pick up in your dance, the more coins you get. Everything is balanced here, so don’t hesitate to give this game a chance.  Kudos to Digital Melody for creating gaming art. It is an intersection that not too many game developers pull off successfully, but Digital Melody has accomplished this. All you have to do is look at the game. 


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