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2D Survival game Mine Colony receives an update with new features

Last month, we covered the release of a game called Mine Colony. In the last several weeks, the game has received a bit of an overhaul. For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s a side scrolling game that focuses on building, crafting, and survival, with a Minecraft feel to the graphics and setting of the game.

In short, players are looking to start from scratch in building up their own colony to oversee, starting out in the middle of the woods, including all the resources inherent to it. These would include things such as wood, iron, gold, and the like. Players will need to fashion them into tools and buildings, to not only survive, but advance the colony technologically. In this update, players will now see or have access to things like underground lava flows, fire and torches, new particle effects for things like water and digging, simple dungeons with treasure that is guarded by monsters, stoves for melting down the gold and iron into ingots, and improvements to things like the AI, lighting, and so on.

Mine Colony Features:

– day/night cycle
– unlimited procedural world
– total freedom in exploration
– oldschool 2D graphics with beautiful pixel art
– side view aka platform view
– treasure hunting
– dungeon crawling
– living world (trees growing, dynamic water etc.)
– terrifying monsters like skeletons and zombies!
– AI controlled NPCs with schedules
– atmospheric sounds
– soothing music
– chickens 😉
– and many more to be implemented in near future!

Mine Colony is available from Google Play in two versions. The first is free, though there are ads on the screen during play. The other is the premium version, costing $0.99, and lacks ads. There are no IAPs in either version. Those interested in checking out the game can hit up the trailer below.

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