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Netmarble’s Marvel Future Fight gets a Doctor Strange themed update

With the Doctor Strange movie hitting theaters in a couple of weeks, it is no surprise that some Marvel games are getting updates featuring Doctor Strange, and Marvel Future Fight is one of those games getting said update. This update will bring a variety of different items, characters, and new gameplay to Marvel Future Fight, all of which is themed around Doctor Strange.

The biggest part of the update will be the arrival of Doctor Strange himself, who also comes with multiple uniforms. In total, there will be 8 new characters making their debut with the Doctor Strange update, with four of those coming with outfits straight from the upcoming move: Doctor Strange, Mordo, Wong and The Ancient One.

PvP wise, there is a new mode called King of the Hill. In order to access it, you will need to clear the last floor of Shadowland and aspire to the Throne. Once someone is at the throne, players will challenge to take that spot. Winning will get you the throne, and staying there, while losing will see a new player taking control of the throne.

If you have Marvel Future Fight installed, you can now pick up the Doctor Strange update off of Google Play.

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