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Nintendo’s Switch has its screen details leaked and it will have touch controls

You may remember the other week when Nintendo announced its newest gaming ‘console’ which is called the Nintendo Switch. Initial reports had this tablet-style game console, with detachable physical controls that form a game controller when put together, arriving without a touch screen. Now it appears that those reports are not true and, in fact, the Switch will have a touch screen.

The details for the screen the Nintendo Switch will be coming with were leaked out this afternoon, with Eurogamer’s sources giving them some interested details. Nintendo is planning to release more details officially in January 2017, but this should give folks something to think about until them.

According to the leaked details, the screen will be a touch screen that supports multitouch. Size will be 6.2″ and will be running at 720p (1280×720 resolution). When it is docked, it will be able to pump out 1080p onto a decent TV. However, multitouch will be hard to use when it is docked to a TV, but Nintendo apparently has a solution for that as well. The right detachable physical control unit, called the Joy-Con, will apparently have an infrared sensor that, when used on its own with a docked Switch with a matching sensor, will allow for Wii Remote-style pointing/usage.

So why didn’t Nintendo reveal all this during the initial announcement? Probably because Nintendo wanted that announcement to focus on the handheld gaming part, as well as the docking, which is why nothing was mentioned about it up until now. Or it could be due to Nintendo not wanting to have people initially consider this a more mobile gaming type of system. What do you think about all this? Let us know in the comments below. Like any leak/rumor, take this all with a grain of salt.

Website Referenced: Eurogamer

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