Day: 7 November 2016


Help rebuild society after a pandemic in Nyheim, now available from Google Play

Set in a post-pandemic world, Nyheim is a game about rebuilding and survival after most of humanity was wiped out. While the origin of the virus is unclear, a rat does become infected with it. Its symptoms within the rat include increased testosterone production, as well as heightened aggression, which inevitably leads to both it’s rampant spread among other rats, and eventually the transference of it to humans. Switch it to monkeys and you have the 28 Days Later movie.


Pokemon GO gets updated with a few bug fixes. New code hints at 100 new 2nd generation Pokemon coming soon.

Niantic Labs has released a new update for Pokemon GO which addresses a few different bugs that have been squashed with the arrival of this update. However, while bug fixes are always good, the real news comes from within the added coding of this update, which has been datamined and found to contain hints at the arrival of 100 new Pokemon soon, many of which fall into the 2nd generation of creatures in the franchise.


[Update: Winners Picked] Enter for a chance to win a limited edition custom Lumines: Puzzle & Music Beats Solo2 Headset

Halloween is all about getting a bunch of goodies to munch on over the next couple of months, probably netting at least a couple of people out there a cavity or two. Well we can’t really giveaway any candy, but we can give everyone a chance to win a custom Lumines: Puzzle & Music Beats Solo2 headset. Just to give you an idea as to how limited this headset is, there’s only 20 of them in the world.