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Match up colored tiles in the new puzzler InterLOGIC, now available from Google Play

Released by phime studio LLC, InterLOGIC is a puzzler that revolves around the idea of clearing the board. In this game, players will be controlling a small robot, and guiding it around boards of various shapes, in order to push around the colored tiles that litter the floor.

Once the robot has successfully pushed three or more colors of the same color together, they will disappear. Once all the tiles are gone, the level is completed. The game utilizes the faux retro look, where everything is block-ish in its appearance, and players will use an isometric viewpoint throughout the game.

InterLOGIC Features:

– Swiping, pushing and matching game
– Hand crafted, brain teasing puzzles
– Portrait and landscape mode
– Undo option
– Minimalistic design
– Relaxing music
– Hours of fun

InterLOGIC is available for free from Google Play. The game contains both advertising, as well as optional IAPs. Interested players can check out more of the game in action, by hitting up the trailer below.

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