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Google is starting to crack down on fast charging with Android devices

Google has begun knuckling down and getting touch on the standards revolving around fast charging Android devices. Right now manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to make their devices charge faster than any other devices. This is obviously a great feature for Android gamers as it means much more gaming time for us. However, fast charging done wrong can have some bad side-effects. So Google has begun getting tough on what it takes to have good fast charging.

The latest version of Google’s Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) is now available and it outlines the requirements manufacturers must follow to keep devices compatible with Android OS, included some interesting new additions. Thee final point of the section regarding USB peripheral mode states the following:

What all of the above point means is that Google is now declaring a specific voltage level and the manner of delivery for the charging of Android devices. Should a company decide to go over that newly declared limit in order to speed up their device’s charging time, they may want to reconsider doing that or they could end up being locked out of the Android OS completely.

What Google is referencing with ‘defaults and methods’ are the ones set by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), which are in place so that there is better standardization of “all of the functional benefits of USB that form the basis for this most popular of computing device interconnects”. All of this is just to have better uniformity when it comes to Android devices and their hardware, as well as some safety concerns being addressed as well.

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