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Autonomy is a new arcade game that pits you against yourself

Unruly Attractions is the development studio behind a rather unique game called Autonomy that is now available on Google Play. This particular game has users diving into an arcade game where you’ll be going up against past versions of yourself. In other words, this game brings a literal meaning to the phrase “You are your own worst enemy”.

So how does this all work out? You will start off with the original level which, once completed, the movements you’ve made to complete that level now become the hazards in the next one. This continues on with each level you proceed to, with the previous one and the movements you made turning into the hazards you have to face. It’s a pretty interesting concept and it has you trying to figure out ways to beat the level you’re on without making it harder for you in the next level.

Everything is wrapped up in neon retro-style visuals and there is a leaderboard you can compete for the top spots on. Controls are all swipe-based, so picking up this game and diving right into it is pretty easy. For those of you interested in checking this game out, Autonomy is available off of Google Play for free.

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