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Joycity globally launches their new naval combat MMO game Oceans & Empires

Barely a week ago we reported on Joycity’s newest game called Oceans & Empires opening up pre-registration in select regions. Well now that has been closed and the company’s new MMO game has globally launched onto Google Play this morning, and as you’re probably guessing, it has a big focus on naval combat.

For those of you who missed our previous coverage, Oceans & Empires has players starting off with their own small island to create their base on, which you will need to build up as you grow in power. This is done by adding new structures, researching different technologies, gathering resources, and of course, building up your fleet of warships. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to trade with over 60 different cities, trading different items and resources that you have plenty of for things you need. The game’s economy is heavily influenced by players and what things everyone is trading.

Oceans & Empires Features:

– 12 historic ships to play
– Trade with cities, or raid them for loot
– Fight against other players
– Chat with other players live for new strategy
– Fight and win against mystical monsters for unique treasures
– Customize your ships and build a unique fleet of your own
– Don’t forget to learn new Lord Skills for various perks
– Battle replay & sharing is available to boast your victory

Combat is all done in real-time and this holds true regardless to whether you’re fighting another player, or dealing with an AI controller enemy. However combat isn’t just about destroying another player’s ships. Winning a fight can have you assuming control of a trading village, or you can raid other villages for loot, and wage war on other player’s islands. You can play this game solo, or join an alliance with other people. Besides trade cities, there’s also NPC empires, resource islands, sea monsters, and more to deal with.

If you pre-registered for this game, once your empire reaches level 5, you will receive your rewards. Oceans & Empires is available for free off of Google Play and does include optional IAPs as well. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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