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Goodnight Games’ upcoming Malevolent Machines gets its first teaser trailer

Back in September 2016 we reported on a new game coming from Goodnight Games, the folks behind the Ernie versus Evil game, called Malevolent Machines. Back it our previous coverage there wasn’t a whole lot of details about this upcoming game, and there still isn’t much, but we do have the teaser trailer now to check out.

In case you missed our previous coverage, Malevolent Machines is going to be a side-scrolling arcade game for the most part, all of which will be wrapped up in retro style visuals. Players will be assuming control of Dr. Leyla Green who is a scientist that happened to be doing experiments which ended up going horribly wrong. Because of her carelessness, the horrors that were created because of these experiments are now causing havoc among mankind.

In order to get her experiments back, and keep her funding for future experiments, you’ll need to take out the machines with the help of her giant pet cyborg. There will be hordes of biological and robotic monstrosities to deal with, all the while journeying through your city on your way to her university lab to try and fix everything.The entire game world has a Steampunk theme to it.

The new launch teaser trailer isn’t so much of a teaser really since we get to have a decent look at some of the gameplay that will be coming with Malevolent Machines. Interestingly enough, we may not have a ton of details about this game still, but now we do have a release date, with Malevolent Machines slated for release on February 7th, 2017.

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