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OrangePixel launches the Orange Sale, discounting a bunch of their games down to $0.99

Picture it. You have finished eating with your entire family. Your mother has already griped about how you could live your life better, your great aunt Hilda has mentioned that you look like you’ve lost some weight and maybe your kids have driven you nuts during the entire dinner. You are full and want time alone to just relax. How do you do that? By enjoying some you time, yes, some game play.

Happy Turkey Day for those of you whom celebrate the holiday. No matter if you eat turkey or appreciate Thanksgiving like on this side of the world, who doesn’t love Black Friday and Cyber Monday? As usual, the team here at Droidgamers is on top of all the sales. Our pals at Orangepixel games have started a huge Black Friday sales week where you will be able to get the following titles for $0.99: Gunslugs, Gunslugs 2, Hero’s of Loot, Hero’s of Loot 2, Space Grunts and Groundskeeper 2. Another surprise is that this sale is going on as we speak and not just on Black Friday, so you can snap up a copy of the game(s) you want now while they are on sale.

There was also mention of the same titles via PC on sale as well during the Humble and Steam discount weeks, so PC gamers can also take advantage of this sale. You can check a list of those games out over on OrangePixel’s website. If you have any Black Friday or Cyber Monday tips, or you are a developer with your game going on sale, please hit us up in the comments below.

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