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Football club Real Madrid teams up with Hugo Games for an upcoming mobile titles coming soon

Football fans, or soccer depending on where you live, have a new game to look forward to, and this one happens to be a team effort between Hugo Games and the famed Real Madrid club. Interestingly enough, there doesn’t seem to be an official name for this game just yet, even though the core details are being announced today.

In this new game players will be jumping in the world of Football to play with some of the real stars within including Ronaldo, Bale, Modric, Ramos, and Marcelo. You’ll be playing at the home field for Real Madrid, which is at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, along with other stadiums chosen by you as you try to win match after match.  According to the developers, there will be a number of different multiplayer options for players to choose from. The multiplayer modes will all be in real-time, with some being 1-on-1. Unfortunately there’s very little details right now in regards to what those multiplayer modes will be.

While details are still fairly vague about what this game will come with, we do have a general idea of what this game will include. From what we understand, you’ll be creating a team that you’ll be controlling and taking on other teams with, both AI controlled and teams being controlled by other players. You will have the ability to improve your team with Real Madid players, along with power boosts and new skills. There will be both online and offline tournaments, and the ability to challenge friends, anywhere in the world, via Facebook.

So when will this game get released? Right now there is just a general Q2 2017 time frame, and there’s no pricing information either as of yet. Once we learn more details, we will post an update. Same goes for screenshots.

Developer Website: Hugo Games

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