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Nvidia may be revealing a new Nvidia Shield Android TV console at CES 2017

Usually Nvidia takes CES each year to announce their next products in the mobile gaming space, whether that be a new iteration of a current product, or a whole new device. Right now Nvidia is in the perfect spot in their Shield product timeline to be introducing something new at CES 2017. According to an anonymous source, this is exactly what will be happening regarding the Nvidia Shield Android TV.

Nvidia will apparently be revealing a refreshed Nvidia Shield Android TV during CES 2017. Interestingly enough, if the source saying this is correct, that would mean there is no new Shield Portable or Shield Tablet on the schedule for CES 2017. I know that will make a few people a bit sad who were hoping for a new Portable or tablet to arrive, especially after hints of a new Shield Tablet have surfaced over the past year. Unfortunately that ended up looking like it was canceled later in August.

The details of this rumored refreshed Shield Android TV are that the hardware updates will mainly focus on better/faster connectivity and power performance. So that could mean no new chipset or anything like that, although a possible increase in RAM would make sense. The refreshed console will reportedly come with 802.11ac Wi-Fi and will have MIMO antennas for the best possible speed.

New game controllers and a new Shield Remote are also rumored to be revealed with this new refreshed console. The rumor for the new controllers is that they will connect to the Shield Android TV using Bluetooth Low Energy instead of Wi-Fi Direct connections. The overall physical size will also be made slightly smaller, and both peripherals are apparently going to have slightly better battery usage.

This is about it for right now regarding the rumored refreshed Shield Android TV that will be debuting at CES 2017. As with all rumors, do take it with a grain of salt and don’t rule out a possible new Shield Tablet or Shield Portable either, although the chances of those happening are slim. When we know more, we will post an update, since we’ve contacted our friends at Nvidia for any type of confirmation about this new Shield Android TV.

We will, of course, be at the Nvidia press event during CES 2017 like we are each year. According to the company, the four topics to be covered at this press event will be artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, virtual reality, and gaming.

Website Referenced: Slashgear

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