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Spry Fox releases their newest game onto Android today called Road Not Taken

Released today, the team at Spry Fox LLC has given us a fresh take on the Rogue-like genre “Road not Taken”. Accounting for the fact that this genre is the balls right now, their timing is impeccable. I put this game through some quick paces to let you know what’s involved.

Beautiful hand-drawn graphics accompany a thoughtful score in the intro, which is heavy foreshadowing for what’s to come. It truly is a thoughtfully composed piece, with gameplay more reminiscent of a choose your own adventure than the old ASCII classics.

What it does share with those classics is the deaths. They come often, they come easily, and it’s a part of the game. You’re tasked with saving freezing children (by throwing them into their parents), throwing unfriendlies, tossing around matching foliage pairs to trigger locks on doors…there’s a recurring theme here. Pick it up and throw it. It’s not as easy as it seems, with environmental factors and hostile fauna forcing your hand as often as not. Endurance is your resource, and there are more draining factors than boosting ones.

The controls are simple. Swipe or swipe to hold to move, tap to toss, long-hold to set down (but not if you’ve moved already). At risk of harping poetic on the beauty, Road not Taken would be just as thoughtful if you stripped the aesthetics. Breaking the mold in an unexpected way, it tells a story. A great story, and one that you need to discover yourself.

At a 4.99 flat rate with no IAP’s, I recommend this for anyone. If you’re a fan of puzzle games, rogue-likes, or love a good story as much as good mechanics, it’s a must-buy.

Google Play: Road Not Taken

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