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The Cursed Ship, Collector’s edition, is now free for Google Play store.

Categorized as a hidden object styled puzzler, the game features over “100 quests to solve in 66 stunning locations”, and over 40 puzzles and mini games to boot – so quite a handful of puzzles to keep fans playing for hours on end.

The developers of the game, G5 Entertainment have stated that this is a limited time offer, and the validity is until the 18th of December, so if you are interested, now’s the time to download it free of charge!

The game features IAPs but nothing too intrusive; one can comfortably clear the whole game without having spent a single dime. The developer does advise to have a moderately powered device to play the game without hitches though, so those of you with budget handsets may not have a smooth experience with the title.

Google Play: The Cursed Ship Free

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