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Monster Legends Review: Collecting, Training And Battling with Monsters

Take your monsters on a quest through a virtual world as you battle it out in action packed matches. Each monster comes with their own special abilities, you can also breed monsters of different elements to create a rare species. This is what Monster Legends is about.

With over 500 of them to collect, there are many combinations you can use to find your perfect companion whilst on your adventure. You start the game with a hatchery, a breeding mountain and a farm, you can buy more buildings to assist in your hunt, each building requires upgrading for more benefits, you’ll need gems and gold to upgrade, that’s the in-game currency in Monster Legends.

Once you reach level 10, you can test your skills online against other Monster hunters. Team up with your friends and start an alliance, or battle it out in the multiplayer arena and see who has the strongest breeds.

The battles themselves are surprisingly interactive, you’ll be able to see your monster execute the moves selected. Instead of the all too common text with a still image. Seeing our monsters attack the opposition, is surprisingly satisfying. With this addition, the gameplay gets a big plus here. It’s a refreshing change, and a welcome one.

The most talked about feature of Monster Legends and one I was very fond off, is the freedom to combine monster and create very random breeds. Thanks to the 500 that are available, some combinations turn out beautiful, whilst other leave a lot to be desired, and that’s the beauty of it.

I’m not crazy on the gem system where you are required to have a certain amount to upgrade and progress, but it’s a given to have some type of in-game currency and a pay to advance model in place with these fremium titles. I personally would’ve loved a one-off payment for a premium game, with possibly a nice storyline thrown in, but that’s reaching a tad. As it stands, it’s a nice game with a a lot to keep you entertained. The IAP’s for in-game currency is not essential, but does always help when wanting to advance at a quicker rate.

If you are dead set on grinding it out, it will indeed be a grind, so I wish you luck.

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