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Goblinz Studios goes live with open beta sign-ups for Dungeon Rushers

Dungeon Rushers Android

DH games have finally bought their long awaited game Dungeon Rusher out of closed beta and it’s now available to download on Google Play in an open beta. The game plays as a TCG with RPG/dungeon crawler and MMO elements. There are 3 classes to choose from, basic, heroic and champion.

Characters level up by going to the ‘alter of sacrifice’ and devouring souls they collect, there is also an option within the alter named upgrade, where – you guesses it – you can upgrade your characters, this means you can turn a basic hero into a heroic one and a heroic hero into a champion, essentially upgrading their class and expanding their potential, it’s handy for giving your character a big boost in stats.

The gameplay is very much wave based, with varying enemies throughout. You start of by picking your 2 warriors, you then take them into battle and defeat the enemies put forward in each wave. As you progress through the game you unlock all kinds of extras, some require a high ranking before becoming available, these include a blacksmith, where you can trade items obtained during gameplay. An arena, for battling other players. A casino, where you can gamble for the chance of getting better items. A tavern, where you can participate in advanced quests for rarer items, and a tower of oblivion, which consists of 59 floors, guarded by a team of 6 enemies on each floor. The higher you get in the tower, the greater the rewards, including a daily bonus every 24 hours, it’s also a great source for souls instead of buying them with gems.

Talking of gems, the game is pretty generous with gifting you with them, especially if you play it enough to make it to the tower of oblivion. It’s very possible to complete the game without spending anything, which is great to see. But like all these free games, we will always encounter that jacked players who spent way too much money and are virtually impossible to beat, so be wary.

For those of you interested in checking the game out while its in open beta, you can sign up for the open beta below. You can check out the game’s trailer below to see some of the gameplay in action.

Official Website: Dungeon Rushers Open Beta

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