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The Sandbox Evolution Update brings Lemmings-style gameplay tomorrow

Dear readers, I pose a question to you. What’s better than a fine game? A developer of a fine game that cares enough to keep it fresh! Sorry if I didn’t give you an opportunity to answer there, I’m excitable. Today We have a darling that we’ve reported on previously here, The Sandbox Evolution. Developers PIXOWL INC. have a release on deck that brings a new gameplay mode, Human Clones. Your poor humans are industrious and stupid, and only through your prescient intervention do they have a chance.

They march towards their salvation (or doom) blindly, and you intervene on the fly. There are a multitude of powders available which will transform one of your clones immediately. Granted unique abilities which they’ll immediately use, you decide how the clones will die. Or live. Who said your intervention is magnanimous?

– Clones: Simple-minded humans that can be transformed to do specific actions with the Job Powders.
– Digger Powder: Diggers drill downwards until they can’t go any farther.
– Alpinist Powder: Alpinists can climb any surface and reach places other Clones cannot.
– Traffic Agent Powder: Traffic Agents stand still and block the path of other Clones, saving them from danger.
– Miner Powder: Miners remove particles in their path, opening paths other Clones normally wouldn’t be able to reach.
– Parachutist Powder: Parachutists can fall safely from the highest peaks without injury.
– Builder Powder: Builders create stairs while they move, allowing you to connect different areas.
– Demolitionist Powder: Demolitionists will explode on command to help your other clones advance.
– Normalizer Powder: This powder restores any clone to normal state, removing any previous job abilities.
– Cloning Machine: This awesome invention spawns clones non-stop and can be configured to your liking.
– Exit Hatch: This victory condition allows you to make interesting and unique levels.
– Teleporter: These awesome portals let any entity go through to anywhere you want!
– U.F.O: This spaceship is no joke; its tractor beam will drag any unit upward and make it disappear!.
– Speaker: This giant speaker gets the party started, making your humans dance to techno music!
– Elevator: This elevator will make your constructions look even cooler– no more plain old stairs!
– White House: A decorative representation of the US White House.
– POTUS: A human skin of the US president-elect.

For those of you who have The Sandbox Evolution installed, the update will be available for download off of Google Play tomorrow. If you want to grab a copy of this game you can do so for free and it does come with optional IAPs.

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