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Endless runner Microcube bounces its way onto Android

Who knew cute little cubes could jump? They most definitely can in Microcube, a new endless runner from Beijing publisher ZPLAY. Endless jumper would be a more appropriate description, as jumping is exactly how you will be guiding your tiny hexahedron friend through a never-ending, side-scrolling world.

And it couldn’t be easier to get some serious hang time in Microcube: simply tap the screen to make your cube jump forward. Short taps make your cube jump a small distance, while longer presses cause it to leap forward like a wildcat. Jump distances can be adjusted mid-air in case you misjudge your previous input. Controlling regular movement is not a worry in this game, as your cube is always slowly bouncing forward whilst not jumping.

Mastering these simple controls is the key to avoiding the myriad obstacles our little brave friend faces. Every playthrough starts off relatively easy but increases in difficulty as the cube travels farther. Levels are continuously scrolling and they are filled with many hazards that make quick work of undersized cubes. From spikes and lasers to vats of acid and pools of lava, there is no shortage of one-hit death traps gleefully waiting to halt your progress. Players who relish an even bigger challenge can choose the hard difficulty option, which switches the normal day setting for a more ominous nighttime background and places more and harder obstacles from the get-go. Not only that—every playthrough is procedurally generated, constantly keeping players on their toes.

It’s not all scary obstacles and sudden deaths for our three-dimensional protagonist though. Power-ups such as spherical shields and Flash Gordon-esque laser guns help to even the odds, if only for a short while. Additionally, sprinkled generously between obstacles are coins, gems, and other collectibles that act as the game’s currency. This currency can be used between levels to purchase over 40 additional cube characters (some of which are just too darn cute to spoil here!). Along with the impulse to achieve an ever-higher score, this will be players’ primary motivation for coming back to the game—not including the fact that simply making your little cube jump is surprisingly addictive!

Microcube is free on Google Play, and includes only one in-app purchase which is really just a “watch video, get free currency” option. Ads are interspersed between playthroughs but do not intrude on regular gameplay.

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