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Get into the festive spirit with Jolly Run – now live on the Play Store

Have you ever wanted to see how it feels to be good old Saint Nic, well now you can! With the festively-themed Jolly Run, you get to control Santa Claus, because your sleigh has crashed and it’s up to you to keep the children from seeing their presents.

The controls are simple, with a drag to move concept, placing and holding your finger on screen will move Santa in that direction as you try and avoid the children who are chasing you. Every second a new child joins in the chase, but Santa has a secret trick up his sleeve: He can randomly throw present, distracting the children and buying some much needed breathing space.

This game is just a decent little seasonal time killer to play, and if you’re not in the festive spirit yet, give this game a whirl and you should be good for Christmas.

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