Day: December 19, 2016

Game News

Capcom to Unleash the First Six Megaman Games Onto Android in Q1 2017

Capcom has always had a love/hate relationship for mobile games. On one hand, they love releasing mobile games on iOS, but for some reason it seems they hate to do the same for Android. It seems Capcom is finally giving Android a real chance, as the first 6 games from the Blue Bomber’s 8-bit era are coming to Android in January of 2017. This isn’t the first time Megaman has seen a mobile device.

Game News

Escape a Mysterious Tower in Zelda-esque Action-RPG Game The Fable of Ruby

Hyunmin Ryu’s one-man indie development team, R2Road Studio, has brought us a Legend of Zelda styled, action-RPG game called The Fable of Ruby. Peaceful laboratory worker Ruby is beset by calamity on the job in a mysterious tower.  In order to overcome this crisis she embarks on an adventure fraught with peril.  Ruby must make her way through the tower, defeating monsters, collecting loot, and heroically saving the day.

Game News

Pokescout: A Way to Monitor the 3 Pokemon Teams in Pokemon GO

Since its release Pokemon Go wasn’t just about going out trying to catch all the little creatures of our childhood. It asked us to make, as always, our first important choice: our team! After that the war began, rivalries took over the net, and in the streets with the aim of making all the gyms in our city belonging to our team. However, this has never been an easy task. First of all, because of the great number of players trying to do the same under a different color, but also because the little field of view available in the app didn’t allow us to see much further from our position.