Day: 21 December 2016


The Fantasy War Tactics x MapleStory Collaboration Event Has Begun This Holiday Season

Players of Fantasy War Tactics now have the opportunity to find some of their favorite heroes from the incredibly popular MapleStory in this new collaboration event from Nexon Company. In Fantasy War Tactics, you play as an ambitious wizard determined to conquer the world. Players make their way through the game using their skills, surrounding terrain, and friends to achieve victory in battles.


Durango Preview: Four staff dive into the limited beta of this survival MMORPG

Durango is an upcoming MMO that’s in a limited beta, and they gave out only 25,000 keys for people to use. We got a few of them here, so what we’re posting is a small collection of our initial impressions of the game, after we spent some time with it. For the uninitiated, the game is themed around a world populated with dinosaurs and the people that are warped in to it, and are forced into somewhat starting over, by making clothing from leaves and tools from bone or stone.