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Asobimo released a new expansion for Aurcus Online

Asobimo pretty much specializes in nothing but mobile MMORPGs and one of their more recent releases, called Aurcus Online, has just received a pretty decent sized update. This particular MMORPG fall under the Chinese mythology/fantasy genre and features a rather fun combat system which includes the ability to do aerial combos.

Part of the update for Aurcus Online includes 8 new maps, complete with their own enemies and questlines for players to work their way through. These are split up into two new areas called Tasokare Country and Narrow Deviation. Along with these there are two new missions (a.k.a dungeons) available called Tasogare Castle and Serpent Cave.

The 2 new dungeons

The overall level cap for characters in this game has now been increased to level 70. Along with the level increase comes new skills for each job (a.k.a class) that players can unlock. In total there are 24 new skills added to the game, 2 per job, thanks to the level cap increase. Lastly two new quests have been added for job changes in case you want to change what you are.

The update should be live now and is actually downloaded server-side, so you should see it start up when you log into the game. Aurcus Online is available off of Google Play for free.

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