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Madfinger Games releases a big content update for Shadowgun DeadZone today

Madfinger Games has been rather busy in the past few months apparently, having been working on a rather large update for their Shadowgun DeadZone game. This update brings all kinds of new content and additional tweaks to the existing content, including new maps, level caps, and more.

The Shadowgun DeadZone update not only adds new maps, but also a new private server function where you can set up your own server to play with your friends temporarily. This will allow you to set up your own game with the team you want, map you want, game mode you want and rules you want. The two new maps are a new deathmatch map called Power Hub, and a new Zone Control map named Mobility.

There is also a new in-game chat for everyone to use now. Also coming with this update are a bunch of graphical enhancements and tweaks which is actually in preparation for another update planned in the near future that will allow users to generate their own content.

Other improvements to current content include:

– 60 FPS across all devices
– Steady fire-rate
– Improved projectile traces and explosions rendering
– Various gameplay related fixes
– Improved gamepad support
– NAT64 support

Rounding out the update is a new level cap for players to try to get to. This update is now live and available for download off of Google Play. This is a pretty good start to increasing the replayability of Shadowgun DeadZone but the user generated content coming in the next update should be interesting to see get pulled off.

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