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The Square Enix sale expands to include Final Fantasy and other JRPGs

A few days ago Square Enix put its GO series of games on sale; today its JRPG library gets the same treatment. Almost every game in the Final Fantasy mega franchise is enjoying lower prices—no love for FF Tactics, unfortunately. Other well-known Square Enix role-playing games have also made the cut.

The full list of discounted games is as follows:

Final Fantasy (50% off, now $3.99)

Final Fantasy II (50% off, now $3.99)

Final Fantasy III (50% off, now $7.99)

Final Fantasy IV (50% off, now $7.99)

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (50% off, now $7.99)

Final Fantasy V (50% off, now $7.99)

Final Fantasy VI (50% off, now $7.99)

Final Fantasy VII (20% off, now $12.99)

Final Fantasy IX (20% off, now $16.99)

Final Fantasy Dimensions (50% off, now $6.99)

Secret of Mana (50% off, now $3.99)

Adventures of Mana (50% off, now $6.99)

Chrono Trigger (50% off, now $4.99)

Chaos Rings III (50% off, now $9.99)

Neither Romancing SaGa 2 nor The World Ends With You nor any of the Dragon Quest games are included in this sale. Crystal Defenders 2, an older tower defense game, is also absent. It is unknown if any of these games will be added at a later date.

According to Square Enix, this sale begins on December 22nd, 2016 and ends on January 5, 2017. However, because of differences in time zones, the sale begins a day earlier for most Western readers. There will be plenty more games going on sale tomorrow so look out for our huge round-up to arrive as well.

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