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World of Tanks Blitz will soon get futuristic with the introduction of its first mecha

World of Tanks Blitz, the mobile version of the popular tank combat MMORPG, will be receiving an update which will bring the game a little into the future with the introduction of the game’s first mecha. Designed by famed mecha artist Kunio Okawara, the O-47 tank will be landing in the game starting tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar with who Kunio Okawara is, he’s basically designed a lot of mechs, some of which have been in rather big franchises such as Gundam and the Brave Series. He’s been brought on to design the new O-47 tank. As with any mecha worth anything, this one is pretty badass on its own.

The O-47 is a Tier 8 Premium medium tank, and is unique since it’s a mecha but also comes with great dynamics and high maximum speed. It also comes with a unique camouflage pattern. Unfortunately the weapon details haven’t been announced which means everyone has to wait till tomorrow to see exactly what this thing can do.

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