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Angry Birds Blast, Rovio’s foray into the tile-matching puzzler space, is now available

Yet another Angry Birds game.

This time, developer Rovio takes a stab at the tile-matching puzzler genre (or Candy Crush genre, as many of us know it) with Angry Birds Blast, its newest title. Angry Birds Blast has players pop different-colored bubbles to free the birds within them. Clear the target amount of each bird type required in a stage, and it’s on to the next one. Pretty simple, right?


I’m kidding! It really is that simple. Pop two or more adjacent bubbles of the same type to clear them from the stage. To make things a little more interesting, when a specific amount of same-colored bubbles are popped, a booster drops. Boosters, such as the rocket, which eliminates all bubbles in its row or column, can help players achieve their target for the stage, or at least rack up a significant point bonus.

Angry Birds Blast is available on Google Play for free, and includes the usual lineup of in-app purchases ranging in cost from $0.99 to $99.99. To help ease the pain of such wallet-flattening prices, early game adopters will receive a “holiday gift” of 250 coins—the game’s premium currency—a $10 value.

Google Play: Angry Birds Blast

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