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Captivating Room-Clearing Puzzle Game Empty. Now on Android

Empty. began as Dustyroom Games’ entry into the Ludum Dare Game Jam challenge number 37.  With the theme of “One Room,” they created an extraordinarily minimalistic and genuinely clever puzzle game, and the experimental game has come to Android devices.

In Empty. players must literally empty rooms of all possessions in a zen-like quest of clearing clutter, and bringing harmony to the environment with a little digital feng shui.  This is achieved by rotating the room around in all directions, matching a piece of furniture to a similarly-colored background.  By lining them up with no obstructions, and then tapping the object, it causes the object to vanish.  There’s no time limits or scores.  The only goal is make sure everything in the rooms are gone.  It’s somehow both simple and complex at the same time.

It’s a bold, colorful, and relaxing game about sloughing off the disorder that seeps into our lives with the unnecessary accumulations that tend to fill up our living spaces. Unwind with some calming music and room-tidying puzzles with Empty. it’s free on Google Play

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