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New Snapdragon 835 details forthcoming at CES, GPU info likely in tow

Qualcomm has announced via Twitter that their new Snapdragon 835 will “come into focus” at CES next week, likely meaning that it will finally provide full details on its new flagship chipset.¬†Information on the upcoming system-on-a-chip has been scarce since its initial unveiling back in mid-November, with Qualcomm and Samsung confirming the use of the 10nm FinFET manufacturing process while providing only vague details on power efficiency and performance. A few leaks and rumors have provided additional information, such as CPU and modem types and which future phones are expected to include the SoC, but none of these rumors have been confirmed by Qualcomm.

One piece of information that many Android gamers and enthusiasts are likely eager to have confirmed is the use of a new Adreno 540 GPU, first seen in leaked benchmark tests done by GFXBench. The tests were conducted with an early development board and showed the Adreno 540 besting current-gen Android devices by a good margin (~10 FPS versus the Galaxy S7 and even better performance versus other flagships), and even slightly outpacing the iPhone 7 Plus. Of course, these results were from synthetic tests with a still in-development chipset, and may not be representative of eventual real-world performance, but they still make for promising news.

One of the biggest gripes many Android gamers have is about underwhelming gaming performance compared to their iOS counterparts. If the new Adreno’s results hold up beyond early test scores and translate into real-world performance, at least some of those concerns will be addressed very soon. In any case, CES 2017 takes place in Las Vegas next week, January 5-8, so we don’t have to wait long to find out.

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