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Rev up the engines! Rocket League (clone) is coming to Android

Okay, so it’s not the Rocket League. But if the YouTube video recently uploaded by developer Zero Four Games is any indication, it may as well be. Turbo League, a Rocket League-inspired (I use the word inspired loosely) game, is coming to Android in the near future.

Just like in Rocket League, Turbo League has players drive rocket-equipped and unusually agile cars around a caged arena, attempting to kick a soccer ball (football for those outside North America) into the opposing team’s goal to score points. The gameplay is something better experienced than described, and Zero Four Games hopes to let mobile gamers enjoy this experience soon.

Details on the upcoming game are scarce, but the developer has confirmed three important game features:

  1. The game will feature 3-on-3, cross-platform online multiplayer (Android/iOS)
  2. Players will be able to customize their vehicles with a wide assortment of decals.
  3. It will be free to play.

Players will be also able to chat with each other and become friends in-game, and invite each other to matches. Any more information will have to wait until the developer makes it available. In the meantime, check out Turbo League’s first official trailer below.

Source: TouchArcade forums

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