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New Annelids update brings fresh multiplayer options for player to try out

Annelids, developed by Michael Srb, was released onto the Play Store to generally positive reception some time ago. I’m here today to briefly recap on the game and discuss the recent update. Although it’s titled “Christmas Update”, this brings some very welcome permanent multiplayer love.

If you haven’t played it before (or it’s been some time), Annelids is a 2D action platformer. Guide your worm through the world around you utilizing digging, a grappling hook, a grip of weapons, and plenty of jumping. Everything is destructible, and there’s more than one way through every situation. Imagination, strategy, and quick fingers will carry the day. Or not carry the day and you’ll go down in flames, but you’ll enjoy yourself either way!

The Christmas update gives us some single player joy in the form of new missions and two new game modes, but what really stands out is the addition of Bluetooth and local Wi-fi multiplayer. This is in addition to Google Games matching, giving you three ways to go head to head with fellow earthworm aficionados. 

The game is free to play with IAP, which consist of ad removal (worth) and premium currency for unlocks. None of the marketing disrupts gameplay, so if you have yet to try this game the time is now.

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