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Capcom’s upcoming Mega Man games for Android now has pre-registration live

Everyone has a pretty good opinion about what Mega Man should be like on any platform. This is doubly true for mobile devices, and once everyone saw the gameplay preview video for the upcoming mobile ports of the first six Mega Man games, a lot of people became concerned about the performance that was witnessed in that video.

If you happened to have missed that video, you can check it out in our original article here, or at the bottom of this one. Regardless, Capcom seems to be happy to just chug along with getting the hype train going for what hopefully will be less laggy releases of Mega Man 1-6 onto Android in the very near future. With that said, the company has opened up pre-registration for all of the Mega Man fans out there that want to get in on the action the moment it lands on Android.

There isn’t a whole lot to do with pre-registering, nor will you get any cool rewards or anything like that for doing it. All you will get is notified the moment any of those games ends up on Google Play, and that’s just fine if you’re a fan.

Official Website: Mega Man Pre-Registration

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