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Google Play’s Year End Flash Sale is still going on.

So with the new year already in full swing, Google is running a sale on a bunch of games, some of which are marked down to a dime, which tends to only occur on special occasoins, such as holidays. In this case, Google is highlighting a pair of sales for games in Google Play. The first one being promoted is up to 80% off of In – Game sales, and there’s quite the cross section of games in the following list.

So, for those who prefer freemium gaming, there are deals to be had in the following games:

– Mobile Strike
– Crab War
– Star Wars Commander
– Trasnformers: Earth
– DragonSoul
– Magi: Puzzle Quest
– Best Friends – Puzzle
– DragonVale World
– Wizard of Orc: Magic Match
– Jurrasic World: The Game
– Last Empire: War Z
– Design Home
– Family Guy The Quest for Stuff
– Clash of Queens:Dragon Rise
– World Chef
– Invasion: Modern Empire
– Cascade
– Froezen Free Fall
– NBA LIVE Mobile
– Covet Fashion – Dress Up
– Racing Rivals
– Gardenscapes – New Acres
– MY Cafe: Recipes & Stories
– Mortal Kombat X
– Blossom Blast Saga

Google Play: Year End Freemium Game Sale List

For those of us who prefer a gaming experience that excludes transactions for consumables, Google is also showcasing a selection of premium games that are marked down at a variety of levels, ranging from a Final Fantasy VI costing $7.99 (a 50% discount), to Star Wars Pinball 4 ringing in at a measly dime (which I purchased on the spot 😀 ). Here’s the comprehensive list for the premium games that are marked down:

– The Room Three
– Prune
– Octodad: Dadliest Catch
– Machinarium
– Hitman Go
– XCOM: Enemy Within
– Kingdom Rush Frontiers
– Fruit Ninja
– Attack the Light
– Skater
– Goat Simulator: Waste of Space
– Replublique (bear in mind that there are five episodes, with only Ep1 being marked down to $0.99. The season pass for all five is priced differently)
– Secret of Mana
– Chrone Trigger
– Final Fantasy VI
– Star Wars Pinball 4
– Scribblenauts Unlimited
– The Amazing Spider-Man 2
– Crashlands

Google Play: Year End Premium Game Sale List

There’s a third category that does contain some games, but seems more broad. There’s up to 70% that can be saved “In-App” (as opposed to “in-game). The games that are found in this seem to be geared toward the youngest of gamers, and include the likes of Batman Unlimited, Transfomers: Rescue Bots, Power Rangers Dino Rumble, and more. Here’s the list:

– Batman Unlimited
– Transfomers Rescue Bots
– My Little Pony: Harmony Quest
– Power Rangers Dino Rumble
– Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop
– Ever After High: Baby Dragons

Google Play: Year End Children’s Game Sale List

Google is indicating that these are Flash Sales, so we don’t know how much longer they’ll be available.

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