Day: 4 January 2017


Pre-register for Diablo-esque Action-RPG Shadowblood Now

The awesome action-RPG Shadowblood is coming to Western audiences and pre-registration has now opened. By signing up players will receive in-game loot on launch day. The story is that long ago on the continent of Narr, the gods created the lands and a peacekeeping dragon named Arcand was set as watcher over it. In time Arcand grew lonely and wishing to see his creators again performed a summoning ritual. Things went awry and when the gate opened the dark god Belzav escaped. For a thousand years they battled before Akande triumphed over the evil Belzav. Not all was well though. Before being sealed away, Belzav cursed Arcand by linking their souls.


Manipulate lasers and mirrors to solve puzzles in Into the Sky, now available for download

Released by errorsevendev, Into the Sky is a new puzzler available for Android. The idea behind the game is fairly straight foward. Players are looking to complete each level, and advance to the next one, by illuminating targets with lasers. Players will be directing a nameless robot around each level, to manipulate the position of various objects, to bring the lasers and targets into alignment.