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[CES 2017] RCA reveals two new Android tablets for very different audiences.

RCA is trying to appeal to a wider customer base this year, evidenced by their two new tablets at CES. Dubbed the Voyager III and the Horizon 17, they aim to strike a balance between price and function. So does everyone else, so they need to hit a very small sweet spot.

“The RCA Horizon 17 Android All-in-One is 17.3″ tablet designed with family in mind. It has a quad core Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with 2GB RAM and 64GB flash. The oversized screen makes it ideal for watching movies or TV shows anywhere in the house. It’s also simple to set-up separate profiles, making it easy for different family members to share. It will retail for less than $400.

The RCA Voyager III 7″ Android tablet has an Intel Atom processor, 16GB of on-board storage, dual camera and upgraded IPS HD display. An affordable tablet that doesn’t sacrifice on quality, it will launch in February and retail for $49.99.”

The 17.3” Horizon seems to be aiming for Samsung View customers, but I wasn’t sure they existed in the first place, I’ve never seen one in the wild. Most concerning here is that 2GB RAM, a sentiment echoed by other columnists here. That virtually guarantees that this will be a media consumption device only. Before anybody gets hyped about portability, this thing is going to be heavy. In other news, you can get a 1080p smart TV in a small size for under $400, too!

I can see more of a place for the Voyager III. Competing with Amazon for a market base that has been selling well, I’m interested to see more of the specs. If it also has 2GB RAM and even a 720p screen, this may be a decent alternative to the Amazon Kindle.

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