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Upcoming Open World Western game Guns N’ Spurs gets its first gameplay footage released

Back in December 2016 we reported on a new Western-themed open world game heading to mobile in the near future called Guns N’ Spurs. While we did have a good amount of details and screenshots to check out, we didn’t have any real gameplay footage to watch, until now that is. The developers behind the game, Sakis 25, have released a bit of a teaser video showing some of the gameplay to come in the game when it launches.

If you missed our previous coverage, Guns N’ Spurs (technically called Guns N’ Spurs Remastered) puts players in the role of Johnny, a man on a lonely quest for revenge in the wild west for the death of his wife.  On his dark journey he’ll take his trusty steed across the dust-covered west and participate in 10 horse racing events, 10 “Wanted” missions (with an accompanying quick draw mini-game), and be armed with 6 distinct weapons to do his bloody deeds with.

What the video below shows is one of the horse racing events you’ll need to complete if you want to get your revenge. While there is current a set amount of content in the game, Guns N’ Spurs allows players to openly explore the game’s world.

Obviously the game is still in development, but it is slated for release early this year at some point. No specific date has been announced yet.

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