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[CES 2017] The Miraxess’ Mirabook claims to be a dock for your phone

Mirabook, Developed by French start up Miraxess, expresses their ability to “turn your smartphone into a laptop”. Whether they’ll meet with any degree of success remains to be seen, but the concept and the execution look interesting.

They want to harness the computing power of your smartphone by pairing it to a shell. The Mirabook is a 13.3” aluminum finished laptop with a full HD display, speakers, standard keyboard, internal memory via SD card, and a standalone battery. They claim this battery has enough juice to run for 24 hours while simultaneously charging your smartphone. The seeming advantages over a traditional laptop are multitudinous, from the lack of heat to build up to the incredibly light weight at < 1k, or 2.2 lbs. The materials had better be of a quality appropriate to the price point, or they’ve lost before they’ve started.

Using HDMI or Type-C USB to connect to your phone, Miraxess intends to utilize elements from Andromium & Microsoft’s Continuum to simulate an experience more traditional to a conventional PC. Much of what I’ve read states that it was designed for Windows phones, and my imagination is having a hard time seeing this executed smoothly with Android. I think it rather important that they nail that down, because Android users represent a massive market compared to Windows phone hangers-on.

Official Website: Miraxess

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