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Help Cluckles rescue the abducted chicks in Cluckles’ Adventure, now available from Google Play

Set in a peaceful valley that’s bathed in sunlight, Cluckles’ Adventure is game based on a single, brave chicken’s attempt to rescue the little chicks that were abducted by an evil horde. With their abduction, the eponymous Cluckes is given a sword, and sets out to retrieve said chicks, with a set number needing to be found on each level, and that number seeming to increase as players progress through the game.

Once that’s achieved, players can then locate and utilize the exit for that level, of which there are more than 100. Should players want the gold star that can be awarded at the end of each level, all the chicks must be located before exiting. The game utilizes a virtual button scheme, for moving left or right with respective buttons/arrows, as well as a button each for single or double jumping (B) and attacking with the her sword, in a dashing motion (A).

Cluckes’ Adventure Features:

– A highly replayable and fun action / puzzle platform game!
– Find all the chicks hiding in each level to be awarded a perfect star. Unlock achievements!
– Featuring 108 challenging levels, full of secrets, puzzles, tricky obstacles and enemies. Hours of entertainment!
– Cute pixel art graphics!
– Amazing, catchy retro soundtrack by NMBoom.

The levels are repeat with hazards that include spikes and a variety of enemies that kill on contact or via projectile; there is no health meter, so all contact with enemies are instantly fatal. Enemies include rats, spitting plants, and skeletons, to name a few. Levels also contain secret areas that may hide chicks or upgrades. The game utilizes The game features a throwback style of pixelated graphics, as well as a surprisingly catchy, chiptune soundtrack.

Cluckes’ Adventure is available for free from Google Play. The game does contain interstitial ads that will show up after a set number of player deaths, but a single IAP of $1.99 will remove them from the game. Interested players can download the game from the link below.

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