Day: 11 January 2017


Dragon’s Watch, a new take on mobile RPGs, will be arriving later this year

London-based developer, The Secret Police (a relatively new team) have announced their first title – an ambitious one at that – Dragon’s Watch, for mobile platforms. What makes this game unique is that it is touted as a western developed “Battle RPG”, inspired by JRPGs and intended for one-handed play – and unlike many Free-to-play titles, this game will apparently be completely playable offline.


Return serves and defeat your opponent in Bang Bang Tennis, now out on Google Play

Growing up, I was awful at video games that were based on sports. At one time, I was a rabid football fan, yet couldn’t handle anything that came after the early Tecmo games. Oddly enough, I always seemed to fair better on the spin offs, that were based on sports, but only loosely so. Bang Bang Tennis is one such game, that is only reasonably close to Tennis in the proper sense, but still seems to have its own spin on how the game is played.


Award-Winning Retro-Puzzle Game Warlock’s Tower Arrives on Android January 31st

The award-winning* Warlock’s Tower is an ingenious little movement-puzzle game brought to us in the monochromatic aesthetic of Nintendo’s original Game Boy.  Emulating that 80’s 8-bit nostalgia so many people love, Brazil-based indie developers Midipixel have created a wonderful retro gaming experience perfectly in terms of graphics, sfx, and music for our enjoyment.


Retro-futuristic puzzler Imprint-X is coming to Android

Puzzle games are a very popular and common genre on mobile, so it takes a bit of effort to stand out from the crowd. Imprint-X hopes to do just that, by combining simple yet attractive aesthetics with an equally simple yet engrossing style of gameplay. Originally greenlit on the Steam platform, the game is also making its way to mobile devices, including Android, on January 26th.


Chinese government needs to make sure Pokemon Go (and other AR games) doesn’t pose any risks

There are only a few countries out in the world that do not have access to Pokemon GO, along with other Augmented Reality games, and one of those happens to be China. While most other countries don’t have it because of things like translations and so on, China doesn’t have Pokemon GO, and won’t have it, until the government there finished evaluating the ‘risks’ it may pose.