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Hypnotic one-touch game Mesmeracer is now available

Developer b-interaktive’s newest game, the easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master Mesmeracer, is now available on Google Play. The game challenges players to become the eponymous Mesmeracer by piloting two vehicles at once and ensuring they survive as long as possible.

The game couldn’t be simpler to control: use your finger to control both vehicles at once.  Swiping left or right separates or brings together both craft, and if you move them close enough their paths cross, generating energy that is continuously running out. While criss-crossing, players must be wary of approaching obstacles, and mastering when to criss-cross to gain fuel and when to separate to avoid obstacles is key to mastering the game.

Mesmeracer’s art style is minimalistic, and uses a limited but vibrant color scheme that makes the visuals pop. According to the game’s description, its soundtrack is “dynamically generated.” The game allows for switching of the default color scheme with one of the various options that can be unlocked with in-game points.

Mesmeracer is rated E for Everyone, and is free to download. It includes in-app purchases that cost US $0.99. There are ads in-game—they appear occasionally between races and upon exiting menus. A premium version of the game can be bought inside the app.

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