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The digital version of Magic the Gathering will be getting reimaged in the near future

Wizards of the Coast have announced that they will be reimaging the digital version of Magic the Gathering in the near future. The President of Wizards of the Coast, Chris Cocks, released an announcement yesterday which touched on the company’s plans for the digital version of their Magic the Gathering game.

“We are reimagining digital versions of Magic and other Wizards games. We recently created the Digital Games Studio, a group of all-stars led by industry veteran Jeffrey Steefel. Jeffrey’s team includes experienced Wizards game designers and industry talent from Dire Wolf Digital, Valve Corporation, Cryptic Studios, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Activision, BioWare, and many others. The Magic Online team is now included in this group, as well as digital art and game design. They’re all thinking about how players might tap mana and prepare spells in the future, and I can’t wait for you to see what they’re working on.” – Chris Cocks, President, Wizards of the Coast

It seems that the company is throwing a lot more support into the digital version of the game now. This could be due to a number of reasons, although it is probably due to Hearthstone’s success which has pretty much overshadowed every TCG title out before it, and even some that have been released since the launch of Hearthstone. It will definitely be interesting to see just how well this new version turns out. Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait before we get to check it out.

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