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Under the Radar: Gunhouse ditches exclusivity, is now available for all Android devices

If you were a regular DroidGamers reader a few years back, you might have seen a mention about a game called Gunhouse coming exclusively to PS Mobile-enabled phones. Well, this past November, Gunhouse quietly slipped under the radar and hit the Google Play store for all Android devices. Everyone can now enjoy Necrosoft Games’ delightfully quirky take on tower defense and puzzle games.

Gunhouse looks like someone took a bit of exceptionally well-drawn street art, turned it into a children’s cartoon, and then made a video game about it. It’s a completely unique art style, and definitely the first thing that captures your attention. What keeps your attention is the game’s simple but entertaining gameplay: match blocks to build up your tower’s defenses, and manage those defenses to fend off waves of enemies. It’s a bit more involving than that, but those are pretty much the basics. All of this is done to protect the orphans living inside your house-now-turned-fortress.

If strange, whimsical visuals and interesting hybrid gameplay sound like things that are right up your alley, then go ahead and get Gunhouse from Google Play for $2.99. It has no in-app purchases. The game is rated E10+ for everyone ages 10 and up.


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