Day: 16 January 2017


Under the Radar: Hold off waves of hostile aliens to survive in XenoShyft, now available from Google Play

Based on the eponymous board game, XenoShyft is a deck building game that’s now playable on Android. In this game, players will assume control of the NorTec army, specifically those that are assigned to defending a particular base which housed a mining operation that’s in search of a dangerous fuel source called Xenosathem. This fuel tends to pervert and mutate life that’s exposed to it.


Prove your worth as a deity in Odin’s Protectors, now out on Google Play

Released by Yaloo Entertainment, Odin’s Protectors is a new RPG for Android with a theme that’s predicated on Norse mythology. What passes for a back story in this game is that Odin has built a tower to help guard against invading foes who have designs on Asgard’s conquest. Thus, players will choose one of five Aesir, and will upgrade them in order to handle the invading forces.


[Update: Now Available] The new refreshed Nvidia Shield console will be officially available Monday, January 16th

As you are probably well aware of by now, Nvidia announced a new refreshed version of their Nvidia Shield Android TV unit, which subsequently when up for pre-orders a few days after the reveal at CES 2017. Well if you’ve pre-ordered yours, or are just planning to order one when they become available, all of that will be happening on Monday, January 16, 2017, which is next week.


Here are Google’s Top 20 Finalists for the Google Play Indie Games contest

Google has gone through all of the submissions for the Google Play Indie Games Contest that was announced back in November 2016, and have finally picked out the Top 20 finalists who will move on to the next round of eliminations. Out of the 20 games selected, only 7 have yet to be released, which gives us a sort of heads up about a few upcoming games that must be titles to keep an eye out for.