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Get Medieval with the new update for The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution continues it’s content update crusade. It seems like every couple weeks they’re adding new features and modes. Developer Pixowl released the Medieval update this past week, and it contains new elements and sprites to keep your custom-made world fresh.

So what’s new? You can now lead an army into the pixel wars. Fight alongside your troops as the King in order to defeat the Forces of Evil.

14 new Elements prepare you for battle:

• King: Armed with a Sword and a Shield, he has a 3-hit combo and can block all frontal attacks!
• Knight: The foot soldier of the King’s army, this resilient fighter will attack any enemies he encounters.
• Crossbowman: Support the advance of your Knights with these ranged soldiers!
• Catapult: No army is complete without Siege weapons. The Catapult launches deadly rocks at enemies, damaging them and the ground they stand on!
• Battering Ram: Barriers won’t stand a chance against the mighty Battering Ram! This slow-moving Siege weapon will smash most obstacles that stand in your way.
• Princess: She needs your help after she’s kidnapped. Save her to achieve Victory!
• Skeleton Soldier: The Evil counterpart of the Knight, these fearless Soldiers are fragile but deadly.
• Skeleton Archer: Raised from the dead and given a bow and arrow, the Skeleton Archers are the ranged troops of the Forces of Evil.
• Demon: A huge creature with an imposing presence and powerful attacks!
• Barricade: This makeshift barrier will damage and slow Characters that touch it.
• Church: A building for hosting religious activities.
• Medieval House A: A cozy house made of wood and stone.
• Medieval House B: This old medieval residence has a sturdy entrance.
• Banner: The King’s principles are represented in this beautiful banner

So plenty of new goodies for players to check out. The new medieval update is now available for download. If you don’t have this game installed, you can grab a copy off of Google Play for free.

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