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Little Bigfoot Gets Way Outback Update Today!

KizStudio’s cute stealth adventure game Little Bigfoot expands today with a new character and a new map.  Players can now play as the swift and pudgy Yowie, and travel to the land Down Under in the Way Outback map.

In addition to the new character, The Yowie, and the Way Outback world map KizStudio has brought three new purchasable crates, new tooltips, and a few bug fixes.  This is hot on the heels of their last huge update that contained three new characters (Old Yellow Top, The Urayuli, and Slenderman), new levels, global leaderboards, and a card collection system for unlocking new species and abilities.

In this adventure you play as the last Little Bigfoot in the wild after having your pack raided by humans.  Alone you must set out to find and free your friends and family, and bring them all home.  To rescue your captured brethren you’ll need to rely on stealth, cunning, and your inner-beastly bigfoot instincts. 

Traveling the world you’ll need to make some unique mythological friends to aide in your quest while attempting to outwit hunters, hounds and the evil secret agency S.O.C.K.S. (Seeking Oversized Crypto Kritter Squad).  The nefarious S.O.C.K.S. will be ever vigilant in searching for you and the more bigfoot that you free, the more they take notice and they’ll even launch an invasion campaign against you.

It’s time to travel Down Under and find some Kangaroos and Koalas snack on. Give the Little Bigfoot open Beta a try on Google Play.

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