Day: January 17, 2017

Game News

Heroes of the Dungeon releases an update with Egyptian themed content

Heroes of the Dungeon, the least imaginatively titled RPG in the world, released a new content update for their crawler this week. It’s pretty jam packed with content including two new solo chapters, a new dungeon environment within the Pyramid of Egypt, new heroes, and a World Boss game mode which will allow players over level 50 server-wide asynchronous co-op boss battles. Whew!

Game News

Age of Empires: Castle Siege coming to Android devices everywhere March 2017

Age of Empires has been a mainstay in the RTS world for almost 20 years now. Coming this March we’ll be able to enjoy it on our Android devices, as well. Microsoft studios has partnered with Smoking Gun interactive to deliver Age of Empires: Castle Siege. While it definitely sounds more in the vein of the rash of mobile war games, I’m hoping it will differentiate itself enough in game play to pay homage to the Franchise.

Game Reviews

Orphan: A Ninny Pickpocket’s Review – Being a pickpocket to survive in London

If you are looking to steal away a few minutes of time for a light bit of fun, then Pixel Jum’s mini-game Orphan is perfect for you.  You play as an unnamed street urchin looking to reallocate funds from the wealthy to yourself in a pixelated Dickensian London.  The game is extremely simple, you just need to scrap together enough money stolen from people for food for the day avoiding cops, thugs, and starvation.